lundi 24 octobre 2005

Revolutionary Tides

If you are in Stanford University's neighbourhood, pay a visit to the exhibition Revolutionary Tides at the Cantor Arts Center. This exhibition presents more than one hundred political posters from WWI through the year of the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, and covers such diverse settings as New Deal America, the Soviet Union of Stalin’s Five-Year Plans, China's Cultural Revolution, the protest movements of the 1960s, and Ayatollah Khomeni’s Iran.
To take a look at the posters, click HERE
1905: Road to October by Valentina Kulagina (1929) Archives of the Hoover Institution, Stanford

"If the modern era is the era of crowds, as Gustave Le Bon remarked in his celebrated 1895 study on crowd psychology, to what extent is this still true in today’s information based society with its proliferation of virtual forms of assembly and political participation ?
Has the age of the political posters passed with the rise of media that no longer require mass assemblies in city streets and public squares?
If so, what are the consequences for political action and representative democracy?
(Excerpt from the exhibition presentation).

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