lundi 25 juillet 2005

Not really Summer songs

Back in the seventies, when I was a teenager, I liked progressive rock. What is progressive rock? Well, you know this kind of music made of very long and grandiose compositions, mixing jazz fusion and classical music. There was a lot of musicianship in progressive rock. It could be very boring, too. But it was our music and we hated Disco.
Actually, progressive rock is a label which encompasses many different styles. My favorite bands were those of the so-called Canterbury scene, first of all Soft Machine and Robert Wyatt, an unknown genius (full discography HERE), who quitted Soft Machine to form Matching Mole (got it?), a very innovative band which subtly blended electronic music, jazz improvisations and delicate melodies in ethereal pieces. There was also Caravan which had several gigs in the small city where I used to live down the South of France, and even devoted a song to a local restaurant called L’auberge des sangliers.

The second and last record by MM, 1972.

God Song lyrics (Wyatt, Miller)
What on earth
are you doing God?
Is this
some sort of joke you're playing?
Is it 'cause we didn't pray?
Well I can't see the point of the words
without the action.
Are you just hot air,
over us,
and overall,
is it fun
watching us all? Where's your son?
We want him again.
And next time you
send your boy down here,
give him
a wife and a sexy daughter,
someone we can understand.
Who's got some ideas we can use,
really relate to.
We've all read your rules,
tried them,
learned them in school, then tried them.
They're impossible rules, and you've made us look fools.
Well done, God, but now...
Please, don't hunt me
down for heaven's sake.
You know
that I'm only joking, aren't I? Pardon me, I'm very drunk.
But I know what I'm trying to say,
and it's nearly night time.
And we're still alone,
for something unknown,
still waiting.
So throw down a stone
or something
Give us a sign
for Christ's sake

Everything you want to know about progressive rock and more (including MP3 samples and what is Zeuhl music) is HERE at

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Listen to O Caroline by Matching Mole
(this is an outstanding Summer Song!)

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