samedi 26 février 2005

QI : quite interesting bookshop in Oxford

Just found a quite interesting bookshop in Oxford.
It is located on Turl Street, opposite Exeter College. The shop is simply named QI- quite interesting, isn't it ? QI is also a cafe , whith much nicer brownies than the fast-coffee chain Starbucks' (quite easy). I understand that, up stairs, it is also a members-only club and I have been told that a wodka bar will open in the basement pretty soon (quite exciting).

The most amazing in QI is the filing system that is used in the bookshop. Instead of the usual headings (history, gardening, psychology, gender studies, sports, how-to books, and the likes), books are eccentrically displayed under puzzling categories, such as Ice, Desperation, Greed, Displacement, Bla-bla. Customers who think a book is in the wrong section are encouraged to go ahead and argue .

Unfortunately, QI has no Web site. I nevertheless did some research and found in
the Guardian that QI was the brainchild of John Lloyd, the television producer behind Blackadder and Spitting Image, and more recently the BBC2 quiz show of the same name, hosted by Stephen Fry. Lloyd now runs a company dedicated to documenting facts about wildly varied topics, including bananas and wars (which, I learnt thanks to QI, are less dangerous than ducks).
If you like to capture a bit of the resfreshing QI's approach to the world, just browse their huge,
interestring database .

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